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PartNumber: 1089650

Bintec Elmeg CS290 ISDN system telephone f/ standard
working environment, 2-line display, 5 free programmable ke

Marchio: Bintec Elmeg PartNumber: 1089650
29984.01 Codice EAN: 4019673089652
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ISDN system telephone f/ standard working environment, 2-line display, 5 free programmable keys, 3 softkeys, 10 function keys, black/blue
ISDN system telephone, black-blue color, Display 2x24 char., 3 MSN, room speaker, 5 prog. function keys for e.g. line keys, headset on/off, aut. call acceptance, etc. adjustable in 3 steps, sep. headset connector

Teldat has set new cost/benefit ratio standards for ISDN system telephones with the elmeg CS290. For a price that is only slightly above that for a standard ISDN telephone, these system performance features offer you professional and convenient additional functions.

The elmeg CS290 will win you over too, thanks to its elegance and ergonomic benefits: Menu navigation using three softkeys and alphanumeric display makes using this system child's play.

Five freely programmable keys with LEDs, some of them in two colors, indicate the status of important functions at a glance. These keys can also be used as line keys, as is the case with the "bigger" systems, for call forwarding, for headset and team functions, for using an external VoiceMail system, or for assigning MSNs.

The adjustable device console ensures optimal viewing from any angle. An especially strong ringing LED signals incoming calls clearly and visibly.

The direct alphanumerical access to the central telephone directory of the PABX supports you in your central contact data management tasks for workgroups and teams - if phone numbers change, all employees immediately have access to the new direct dialing numbers.

A caller list for ten callers, redialing of the last five numbers dialed and an individual VIP memory for ten more entries gives you a touch of convenience in your day-to-day business routine.

Optimally preconfigured for use with Up0: The Up0 interface is increasingly prevailing as a cost-effective alternative to ISDN 4-wire new phone lines with existing 2-wire phone lines. Up0/S0 converters enable a fully digital ISDN connection with two effective channels over existing 2-wire lines. The combination elmeg CS290-U - direct Up0 connection without external converter is an especially elegant solution. And that's not all: The Up0/S0 module offers an S0 output used by the elmeg CS290-U to connect additional standard ISDN terminal devices..

Text messaging (SMS) across fixed-line networks is pure joy with the elmeg CS290: Functions to save, select the recipient, answering, etc. combined with the ergonomic keys provide previously unknown levels of convenience and ease.

An integrated headset jack allows for flexible and easy headphone use. The headset can be controlled with two programmable keys – "Headset on/off" and – something that is perfect for call centers, for example – with the "Automatic call pick-up" function.

The elmeg CS290 also offers direct control of headsets with the signal LED integrated into the microphone earpiece (e.g. Plantronics F142 N "Firefly" or Silicomp "Orbit NC“) – it is thus immediately visible whether a call is in progress or not.

The price/performance reference for ISDN system telephony

The perfect system telephone for standard workstations: Greatest ease of use with 3 softkeys, alphanumeric display and 5 freely programmable function keys. Optimal readability of the display thanks to the adjustable base. Ideal for frequent phone users; a dedicated jack for using headsets is already installed.


Useful in loud environments: Each call is indicated acoustically by a particularly powerful speaker and also optically by a bright ringing LED.

  Peso Lordo: 1,02 Kg
Dimensioni Lorde: 120x240x350 mm
 Bintec Elmeg - Sito web:  

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